guitar center is a music store so you all who work there quit treating pepole like *** and trying to rip them off theres enough *** going on in this *** up planet and if a guitar is worth more then what ever in trade or so .. them give that person credit on that and quit being and *** hole about it.. that goes four all you courpret *** also ..so help out every one that loves music and not money you are sopoes to help music get better four us all so quit fooling around and get your *** to gether

Product or Service Mentioned: Guitar Center Customer Care.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #830739

I can honestly say the GC in Mobile, AL does not give even 50%. I bought a Fender American Special 6 months ago from them for $899 plus tax.

I got into a tight and needed to sell it and was offered $350 from them. Also, they would not reimburse me on the 3 year replacement insurance I purchased. The guitar did not have a scratch on it. It doesn't matter how much money you spend with them either.

I have spent an insane amount of money this year alone with them. So I agree with this review and all you guys who work for them can STFU if you don't like someone *** about your place of work.

I will not buy even another set of strings from them. I will order from Ebay from now on....As far as spell check...you little *** kan gow *** yourselfes, *** your spell check comments.


Since I work at a GC, I'll tell you how it works. We base all our buys off of current market value.

We check all sources of used gear (i.e. eBay, GC.com, Google shopping, etc) versus new gear pricing (sale pricing, clearance, discontinued items). Based on all this, we determine what we are going to tag the item at. Obviously, we are going to tag an item on the lower end of the spectrum because we don't want it to sit forever taking up space.

Usually we give about 50-60% for normal items, and 60-70% for high end and vintage items. If that doesn't appeal to you, I always encourage people to try Craigslist or eBay on their own, but most are looking to make a quick sale and run. So don't be upset when the Squier strat you bought 5 years ago for $120 is going for $75 and we only give you $40.

Thats the market bro... not us.

to 058188 Chicago, Illinois, United States #680112

Yes. I work for guitar center too.

That's 100% the truth. We are a business, not a freaking charity.

to 058188 #1038768

That percentage ratio is so wrong as I was at GC today to trade my 2006 Fender VC Roland American in Pristeen Condition and the guitar tech played it and put it thru all of the Roland programs and liked how it was factory customed with Fender and Roland ...anyway I payed $1,400.00 and the tech gave it a rating of Used like new condition......Well the tech said that the manager will have to price it and then we can move on to the other gear you are interested in.......Than the tech returned and he look stunned..and said you are not going to like our trade value of $300.00...Just because ther is one on ebay for $600.00 that has none of the case candy ,no owners manual or keys to the case and 5 or 6 chips/nicks and 7 other Fender VG's starting bid's of $850.00 to buy it now for $1299.00 to $1699.00...So I closed my case and out the door I went after a few parting words...*%^@%$...*^%$& and they lost my bussiness...DONE WITH GUITAR CENTER......


What did you even just say?


That review was painful to read. Dude, use spellcheck next time!


To all the dipshits going on about spellcheck etc are *** clowns... get a life and find a girlfriend. and Chuck your a ***!


Oops - maybe you should have looked up how to spell SENTENCE before ripping on his spelling. Just a suggestion for next time so you don't look like a complete ***!


Ummm...wow. Sell your axe on craigslist or ebay or something if you think you can get a better price.

Guitar Center is a business, and as such, their goal is to make a profit. If you don't like that idea, TOO EFFIN BAD, DUDE! it's called capitalism, in the LAND OF THE FREE! they are free to offer you $2 for your precious Fender Squier Strat with a broken headstock.

You decide if you want to do that.

Stop complaining and take responsiblity for your life, man. And learn to spell. corporate.


Try to use it in a sentance. If you don't like corporate music stores, you are supposed to support independent music stores :)

Warren, Pennsylvania, United States #50390

Guitar center is a dealer just like buying a car. trading in a car you get less.

works same way with guitars. If you trade in a $1000 guitar they will only give you 800 or so for it. they have to warehouse it until someone buys it. they have to do all the paperwork on it 2 times for tax purposes.

the differnce If you traded in a 1000 car you only get 200 for it.

guitar center is making money dealers are crooks. sell your items private party don't trade them in.

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