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Guitar center employees are smug, know-it-alls that look down their nose at you if you dare to purchase something they don't use or agree with.I accidentally sat on my guitar tuner and stopped in to get a replacement.

I could have easily ordered it on Amazon but I chose to support a local business. I asked the salesperson for the tuner I wanted and he replied, "You don't want that tuner?" I said, "Excuse me?" and he directed me to another tuner. The brand of tuner doesn't matter as it probably is a great tuner. My point is, the tuner I wanted was one I'd used for years, was familiar with it, and very happy with it.

I asked again for the tuner I wanted and again was extolled the virtues of the other tuner. Frustrated, I asked again if I could buy the tuner I wanted and was asked, "Why do you want to spend more money?" I surrendered and told the salesperson in no uncertain terms that it was my money and I'll spend it how I want to and I guess you've left me with no option but to get the tuner I want elsewhere.

Ordered it on Amazon.Will never go back to Guitar Center.

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Guitar Center employees are a bunch of jerkoffs..they would much rather prefer spending the time there playing annoyingly loud garbage on guitars, trying to showcase themselves and they constantly make fun of and diss customers behind their backs when they try out instruments.


They really don't care about their customers at all.I have found Sam Ash to be much better for my needs..

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